We call ourselves the Knights of Columbus – “Knights” to emphasize chivalry’s ideals of charity and support for Church and state; “Columbus” as a reminder that Catholics had been the backbone and bulwark of America’s growth and greatness from the very beginning. It is the world’s largest lay Catholic Family service organization dedicated to works of Charity and Personal Service.

The goals of the organization are:

  • To aid one another in times of sickness or death, by means of a simple insurance plan so that their wives and children would not face abject poverty.
  • To strengthen themselves and each other in the Faith.
  • To strengthen families and family life.
  • To be a strong pillar of support for their priests and bishops.
  • To be of service to Church and community by coming to the aid of those most in need in society.

Regular meeting are held the 2nd Thursday of each month via Zoom.